Fees And Policies


  • Individual session for 60 minutes is $125.


  • Initial consultation for couples therapy for 90 minutes is $200.
  • Ongoing couples session with one of us for 60-90 minutes is $175.

Sessions are payable by check, Venmo, or cash at the beginning of each session. You will receive a receipt that you can use for insurance reimbursement, and for tax purposes.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hour notification for cancellations, or you will be charged the full fee. We are not permitted by law to bill insurance for missed or last minute cancellations.

Why some clients decide to pay out-of-pocket for therapy:

Some of our clients chose not to use their insurance. Their reasons to pay out of pocket include:

  1. Privacy
  2. Complete confidentiality
  3. Insurances can request a treatment report
  4. Insurances can have access to your records
  5. Insurances can decide and limit the amount of sessions you are allowed
  6. Sessions paid by insurance are for 45-50 minutes