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Heart Tools For Couples by Bill Grosser and Ani Nadler GrosserHeart Tools For Couples: 8 Ways To A Loving Relationship, is available now!

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“There is nothing more powerful in the universe than the energy of love. The purpose of this book is to inspire you with tools and real-life couples’ stories to love fully. Through our own personal experience and thirty years of working with people in therapy, we know that we can grow our ability to love when we have a strong intention to connect and love and we have the tools to change old patterns of thinking and behaving. These things—the intention to love, the willingness to change, and using the tools—constitute the art of a conscious, compassionate, and loving relationship.”

“We’ve worked with people with closed hearts who have learned to trust, with recovering alcoholics who have committed themselves to becoming responsible to their partners, with co-dependents who have learned to speak their needs directly and responsibly, and with angry people who’ve learned to treat their partners with kindness and respect. Most of the couples who come to us, often in crisis, genuinely love their partners but don’t yet have the skills and support to grow their relationship in a nourishing and healthy way.”

“We offer simple, powerful tools that you can use effectively in the most difficult of situations, and that are adapted to our stressful times. We call our tools “heart tools” because they help you to discipline your mind and emotions so you can open your heart and love more. Our approach focuses on using the day-to-day encounters with your partner as opportunities to evolve into a more compassionate and loving human being and to deepen intimacy. When we consciously choose to love in any moment, we are opening our hearts. Your relationship itself becomes a path for personal growth and evolution.”

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