About Us

Anne & Bill GrosserOur Mission:

Our mission is to teach people to expand their ability to love.

We believe that love is a natural experience that can be developed through discipline and practice. We work with individuals, couples and families to lead fuller and and happier lives.

Our Core Values:

We value the uniqueness of each individual and the uniqueness of each couple. We believe people grow emotionally and spiritually through relationships.

These core values guide how we live personally and professionally: deep understanding and listening, passion, simplicity, balance, self-responsibility, interconnection, authenticity, play, compassion, power with heart, integrity.

The Center for Compassionate Relationships

A Counseling Center in the Berkshires for Individual and Relationship Growth
715 East Street, Lenox, MA 01240

We serve the communities of Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts, including Lenox, Lee, Pittsfield, Stockbridge and Great Barrington, as well as the towns of Columbia County, New York.

We offer holistic relationship therapy, couples counseling, and individual psychotherapy for straight and gay clients; men’s groups; women’s groups; premarital, marriage, and divorce counseling. We see individuals, couples, and groups with the following issues: parenting and step-parenting, anger management, pain and stress management, recovery and addiction, affairs, sexual problems, money and retirement.

Ani and Bill are licensed psychotherapists, trained Gestalt therapists, and Certified Imago Therapists; Ani is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and meditation teacher. We address the psychological, emotional, and spiritual concerns of our clients.

We are available to people in other locations by phone and Skype.
We offer Compassionate Relationship Training and Relationship Renewal Weekends, and coaching.

Our Background

Bill and Ani have been married since 1986, second marriages for both of us. Ani’s two children from her first marriage are very much part of our lives. We lived an urban environment (Queens, New York) for the first years of our marriage, and then in the mid-nineties made a bold move to the more rural landscape of Berkshire County, MA.

The lovely Yokun Brook flows through the woods behind our home and office. Our house is encircled by white pines which the native peoples called the tree of peace. Our natural setting gives us tremendous inspiration and sustenance.

Over the years, we have come to accept ourselves and learn from each other, so that we’ve become better balanced people. Our relationship has helped each of us to heal old wounds, and to discover inner strengths to flourish as individuals. Our own relationship is our best teacher in our work as couples counselors.

Ani and Bill are Certified Imago Therapists. Imago Therapy was developed by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.