Getting Ready for a Loving Relationship





Church on the Hill in Lenox

Church on the Hill in Lenox

Friday, April 21 – Sunday, April 23, 2017  

Program begins Friday evening at 7pm, and runs through Sunday at 1 pm.

Follow-up Session: Tuesday, May 2, 7:00-9:00pm

Location: Church on the Hill Annex, 55 Main Street, Lenox, MA

This course inspires, motivates and supports women who are ready to prioritize having a romantic partnership in their lives.

Cost: $235. $215. Early Registration if paid by April 17.  There are some partial scholarships available in exchange for program assistance. Part of the proceeds from this course are donated to the non-profit Women of Spirit in the Berkshires.

Program Hours:

Friday: 7-9 pm

Saturday: 10-1 pm; 2:30-5 pm; 7-9 pm

Sunday: 10-1 pm

Topics Covered

  • Deepen self-love and self-trust
  • Become aware of obstacles you unknowingly create
  • Learn from past hurts and disappointments and let go
  • Identify your “must haves” for a fulfilling partnership
  • Internet dating: possibilities and pitfalls

Please email or call Ani for more information or to register.

Getting Ready for a Loving Relationship flyer

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Testimonials from past participants

J.P.The course has helped me immensely on my self-discovery journey.  I am working on learning how to love myself and recognize all the baggage that I was carrying that sabotaged my being in relationship.  In fact, I had just about given up.  It has taken me a while, but I am finally starting to be able to know that I can attract a good man and that I deserve it…Ani is a great presenter, kept us on track and gave us a lot of support.”

R.L.It was one of the best workshops I have taken and I have taken many…it made me think about what I needed to work on to attract “the one” in my life.”

S.W.The course helped me heal from a past heart break and discover the key to love is contentment and calm in my life as it is.  The course motivated me to do the inner work necessary to appreciate and love myself.  I became less demanding and less desperate for another person to complete me.  I am complete in myself.  It was freeing.
We laughed and cried and developed trust through our vulnerability.  Ani as leader held a safe container for our work together.”

B.Participating helped me to open my heart a little and begin to trust that it is possible to attract a partnership with a man who is my lover and my best friend.   Ani created a warm, safe ambiance in the group.

L.J.Thank you for creating a group where I could delve more deeply into what I believe about love, and learn from other women in the process. I appreciated letting go of old beliefs and setting new intentions.

N.G. I was surprised to realize that it had been 15 years since I ended my last relationship. At that point I had decided to focus on creating the life I wanted and to put men on the back burner. Somewhere along the way, I guess, I decided ‘who needs ’em.”

The course helped me to open my heart a little and to begin to trust that it is possible to attract a partnership with a man who is my lover and my best friend.”

T.L. The course brought dignity and thoughtfulness to the subject of finding a mate. I was inspired by others to do the inner and outer work of finding a mate, and to be reminded of my ability to choose how to hold my singleness.

P.D. The gem I am taking from the course is that I have to become the woman who would attract the kind of man I want.

S.E. What I took from the course is to acknowledge that I am ready to allow my vulnerability to be exposed, to honor my needs and to practice asking for what I need. Also, rather than focus on what I have to offer as a package and the self-defeating self-talk that tends to undermine my confidence, to instead focus on my being MY best self; with an awareness that I am projecting who I am and will attract someone with complimentary values, interests and dreams.