Heart Tools for Couples

8 Ways to a Loving Relationship

by Bill Grosser and Ani Nadler Grosser

Heart Tools for Couples offers sound advice for couples who want to strengthen their relationship.

Heart Tools help you to discipline your mind and emotions so you can open your heart and love more. These simple powerful practices, easily integrated into daily life, will transform your relationship.

You’ll want this book by your side, especially when you are feeling frustrated and unsure about what you can do. This book offers guidance, inspiration and hope.

About the Authors

Bill and Ani Grosser

Bill Grosser, LiCSW and Ani Nadler Grosser, LICSW

As relationship specialists, we address the psychological, emotional, and spiritual concerns of our clients.

Our mission is to teach people to expand their ability to love. We believe that love is a natural experience that can be developed through discipline and practice. We work with individuals, couples and families to lead fuller and and happier lives.

Praise for "Heart Tools for Couples"

This is an immensely accessible and practical book for couples. Full of illustrations and exercises, any couple who decides to practice these basic processes cannot but experience an amazing, compassionate relationship. I recommend it to all couples.
--Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. author of "Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples"

If you’re looking for the keys to greater depth and intimacy, this wonderful book offers simple but profound tools that will bring your relationship to a new level—and just might change your life. I’ve watched Ani and Bill apply these techniques to their clients and to their own lives for over two decades, and have seen how they walk their talk, with a thriving relationship to prove it. By practicing the tools in this book, you can have that too.
--Anodea Judith, Ph.D., Author of "Eastern Body, Western Mind" and "The Global Heart Awakens"

This book offers a clear and practical roadmap to help you become the best partner you can be. The payoff is a relationship resilient enough to weather the hard times and romantic enough to open your heart and bring you joy every day.
--Susan B. Lord, MD, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Bill and Ani Grosser have created a wonderful guide for actually living a more loving life. This easy to read, easy to use book not only talks about what it means to love, but actually helps couples to experience themselves and their partners as loving.  By using vulnerable examples from their own many year marriage, Bill and Ani offer us a window into how to manifest the relationship of our dreams. Barbara and I have already integrated these practices and, in the short month since we began, our level of open-hearted connection has been enriched tremendously.
--Maya Kollman, MA, Imago Therapy Master Trainer